About Us


Founder Grandmaster Ed Annibale
President Grandmaster Leroy W. Epperson, III
Vice President Master John T. Tucker
Treasurer Mrs. Grace Kim Epperson
Sergeant At Arms Master Matt Graham

What Is The World Combat Arts Federation?

The World Combat Arts Federation was founded by Grandmaster Ed Annibale to promote the combat-oriented martial arts through instructors with various martial arts backgrounds. The WCAF affords its members the opportunity to train at our Charter Schools and through seminars/training camps. We not only offer instruction to our members, but also testing, promotion, and internationally recognized certification. WCAF members receive discounts on all WCAF seminars and events.

The WCAF is dedicated to member service. Professional member service representatives as well as martial arts instructors comprise the WCAF staff in order to offer the best service possible to our members. The organization's President, Grandmaster Leroy W. Epperson III is accessible to any members who have questions, and will assist WCAF Charter School instructors in setting up seminars.

The WCAF's fees are very reasonable. We offer professionally designed certificates and patches which are of the highest quality so our members will be proud to display them.

The WCAF offers instruction, testing, promotion, and rank certification in over 20 different styles of martial arts.

Our mission is the research, development, progression, and promotion of the combat- oriented martial arts with an emphasis on tactics and strategies that are practical and effective for use in combat, self-defense, and law enforcement situations.

Our objective is to assist our members in reaching their martial arts goals and in becoming the most complete martial artists possible. We encourage all of our members to be serious, dedicated martial artists.

Through our website, we strive to keep our members informed of the latest news within the WCAF the local martial arts community, and the martial arts world. Our members may submit their own articles for publication on our website. Any articles submitted will be reviewed and are subject to approval and editing by our staff.

Although there will be those members who never participate in any federation functions, there are always those who must be commended for the important roles they play within the organization. An association can only survive with the support of its members.

WCAF members include high ranking Masters and Grandmasters in various styles and systems from around the world. This affords us the opportunity to rank individuals in many different martial arts.

The World Combat Arts Federation is dedicated to the research, development, progression and promotion of the combat-oriented martial arts. The following is what the WCAF is working on to meet the demands of its members in regards to the 3 Rs.

RANK: The WCAF will certify the rank of any member in their respective martial art. However, the member must show proof of current rank and pay the appropriate certification fees. If a member wishes to promote in his respective art, or in another martial art, we will assist him in this area as well. Some martial artists have been held back by their instructors, not because they can't pass the promotion test, but because the instructor fears that they will lose the black belt student, or because that would place the black belt student to close to their own rank. Regardless, the WCAF will help each and every member in obtaining the rank they deserve.

RECOGNITION: Through our "Recognition Program", members can earn recognition by attending our awards banquets, being inducted into the Hall of Fame, being placed in national & international magazines, and by being placed on the WCAF webpage for special recognition. Hosting, as well as teaching at WCAF events also helps to gain recognition. Those who help promote the WCAF will earn the recognition they deserve through the WCAF.

RESPECT: This is a little more difficult area, but members can gain the respect of other members through their support for the WCAF. Instructor members may host WCAF events, teach seminars under the WCAF name and support the WCAF by attending as many WCAF events as possible. All of these things show dedication, loyalty and respect for the WCAF. In turn, those who support the WCAF will earn the respect of all involved. Remember, if you want to gain respect, you must give respect and be humble, regardless of your rank.

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